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Not just your genetic complexity

The rarity of diseases means a higher degree of complexity in pharmaceutical diagnosis, research and development. Clinical medicine can be revolutionized with breakthrough innovations in sequencing technology and data analysis processes. This impact can be even greater when it comes to rare diseases, which include a wide variety of symptoms and signs. Many of the rare diseases have enormous effects on the lives of those affected and their families, as well as on the healthcare system and the pharmaceutical sector. The potential to develop a new drug, thanks to the combination of clinical and genetic technologies, can have a major impact on the problems of both individuals and the healthcare system.

Democratising of Genomics Data

In 2015 in the US and in 2017 in Europe, WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing) was made accessible for every single person at a price of less than $ 1,000, thus also approaching the achievement of a new predictive and precision medicine. With this in mind we have developed proprietary technology and highly specialized laboratories with an international team of scientists, geneticists and bioinformatics specialists. Our platform allows us to integrate sequencing and medical data to provide more accurate and faster answers to doctors, researchers and patients around the world. Personalization of treatment can provide more sustainable therapies and help patients live healthier physical and mental lives.

Genome, Medicine and Machine Learning

Genome sequencing requires a level of infrastructure and expertise that may be beyond the scope of funding from pharmaceutical and public health organizations. In addition to highly specific machinery and highly qualified personnel of geneticists and bioinformaticians, to not only extract genomic data but also process it and provide meaningful insights, it is necessary to rely on integrated and advanced analytical technologies powered by machine learning innovations. The synergy that derives from the fields of genetics and pharmaceuticals creates a continuous learning environment and allows clinical medicine and the pharmaceutical sector to keep up much better with the rapid scientific and technological developments taking place and to exploit them for their own improvement.

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